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3 Friends Window Cleaning was started by Jesse Martin in 2008 when he moved to Portland from Seattle. That's where he learned the trade from a guy who's been at it for 40+ years. He also learned he didn't have to work 10 hour days under florescent lights in the tech industry.

Why is it "3 Friends?" That's basically how the company started, but these days it's a rotating cast of characters. Sometimes just Jesse in the slower months, and 3 or more partners in the spring and summer. 

We get busier every year, and in the spring/summer can be +3 weeks out on the schedule.
We return messages as soon as possible, but if you're on a timeline please send an email!

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(503) 3-4-DIRTY 




Not for booking, but we post fun window-cleaning related stuff on FB occasionally:

You can also find reviews of us on NextDoor.com throughout Portland. 

Thank you for visiting - we look forward to hearing from you! 

Bonus! Here is one of our friends in Seattle that got Jesse into the business, and impressed an ethos that 3 Friends follows to this day: